I have worked extensively in film as a puppeteer, mo-cap performer and providing VFX reference work.

Below are some of my notable projects.


Warner Bros.

Movement Artist

I was the co-leader of the team of movement artists on Gravity responsible for the practical zero-gravity effects on set. Our core team worked alongside director Alfonso Cuarón, the stunt team, and Sandra Bullock herself to find ways to create clear, fluid story telling through movement. I also worked with the special effects and VFX teams using a specially built 12-wire aerial rig remotely controlled by myself and another member of our team with which to physically fly Sandra through the set.

Sandra Bullock on the set of the film Gravity is being flown on a harness while puppeteers Mikey Brett and Robin Guiver work around her.


Legendary / The Pokémon Company

Detective Pikachu Puppeteer

For the duration of shooting I was on set every day working with the VFX department and the director, Rob Letterman, to physically act out all the actions of the lead character of Detective Pikachu. I performed with purpose-built puppets as in-camera reference for the director to work with, for the actors in the scenes to perform against and for the VFX department to use as the basis for their animation work. 

A puppet of Detective Pikachu is being filmed in grass, operated by puppeteer Mikey Brett and performing opposite actor Justice Smith


Walt Disney Pictures

VFX Puppeteer: Abu & Raja

I was part of a small team of puppeteers on the film set for Aladdin providing the VFX team and the actors with reference for Abu, the monkey, and Raja, the tiger, with use of scale puppets. We also helped make sense of some of the more fantastical elements of the Genie - such as his ability to grow to immense size and to move around quickly, magically disappearing and reappearing instantaneously. Our team also went on location with the production to Wadi Rum in Jordan to capture desert scenes.

Mena Massoud, as Aladdin, is speaking to Abu the monkey - a puppet performed by Mikey Brett - with Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine


Walt Disney Pictures

VFX Puppeteer & Mo-cap Performer

Working closely with the VFX department as a whole and the animation director, Dan Blacker, my team created movement and physical language for the various fairy species in the film. In particular I performed the motion capture and facial capture for Button, a mushroom-like fairy who is captured and imprisoned by Queen Ingris. I also provided the bodily motion capture performance for Imelda Staunton's character, Knotgrass. My team also worked on set to provide VFX reference.

Mo-cap performers Mikey Brett and Emma MacLennan relax on the set of Maleficent 2