TV and Commercials

I have performed as a puppeteer for numerous TV pilots as well as the projects below

THE DARK CRYSTAL: Age of Resistance

Jim Henson Company / Netflix

I was proud to be a part of the puppetry team for The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance for Netflix. I was part of the large team of additional puppeteers performing background characters and creatures, assisting the core puppeteers and working with the second unit on close-ups, VFX shots and green screen elements. I assisted on the characters Deet, Brea, Lore, SkekTek the Scientist and SkekZok the Ritual Master among others and performed many creatures including fan favourite Pluff'm.

The show won the Emmy for Outstanding Children's Program 2020 and is available on Netflix now.



Sesame Workshop / CBeebies

I was an assistant puppeteer on the final two seasons of The Furchester Hotel, a Sesame Street spin-off set in the UK. As well as assisting main characters from Furgus Fuzz and Phoebe Furchester-Fuzz to the iconic Cookie Monster himself I also played central characters of individual episodes such as John Lemon - a Scouse citrus singing sensation, Sir Sniffalot - a detective dog who has a slightly over-inflated sense of his own success and two episodes as Mr Howley - a worried wolf who isn't the luckiest in the world - including in the Christmas special guest starring Big Bird and The Count.

Watch some highlights by clicking HERE

Big Bird and the Puppeteers of The Furchester Hotel


Greenpeace UK

I worked with Greenpeace UK from June 2020 as Puppetry Consultant for a new campaign highlighting the effect of the industrial meat industry on Amazonian deforestation. Luna is a life-size animatronic Jaguar created by Millennium FX. The brief was to make a realistic, majestic, and relatable poster child for the plight of the Amazon. Helping to finalise design ideas, workshopping plans for usage and coordinating with the animatronics designer, I was involved from the earliest stages of Luna's creation. We filmed Luna in a variety of locations across London adhering to government safety guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic to create a short informative film.

You can watch the advert HERE

You can visit Greenpeace's campaign page HERE

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CBBC / Fremantle

I was a senior puppeteer for the first season of Strange Hill High for CBBC. Working with a mixture of puppetry and CGI we developed a whole new style of puppetry as well as creating mannerisms and physicality for all the characters. We worked closely with the directors and the script editor to develop individual characteristics and quirks for the vast range of characters. I returned for a brief stint during the second season to temporarily take over the role of Lead Puppeteer to assign roles, work with the director to plan out the scene, give notes on performance and troubleshoot any problems that might arise.


Gerry Anderson's FIRESTORM (Pilot)

Anderson Entertainment

I have been a fan of Gerry Anderson my whole life. From Captain Scarlet and Stingray to Space Precinct his work formed the basis of my childhood love of puppetry. So I was honoured and delighted to be asked to work on the pilot for a new show based on a Gerry Anderson original idea, Firestorm. The pilot was shot using a new puppetry technique for Anderson with tabletop rod puppets replacing marionettes and with more detailed animatronics of any of Anderson's Supermarionation series. We also took the puppets to MCM ComicCon where the pilot minisode was debuted alongside a panel of the voice actors and producer Jamie Anderson.

The full minisode is available HERE



ITV / Citrus Television

I performed in the first season of Newzoids as a senior puppeteer in the run up to and during the 2015 UK general election. Working with veteran British comedy director Dominic Brigstocke (Tracey Ullman, Horrible Histories, Smack The Pony) the show satirised celebrities, politicians and the Great British public filming through the week to air topical up-to-the-minute sketches in a very tight turnaround.


GOOGLE ANDROID: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Nexus Productions

This adorable ad campaign for Google Android was a mixture of puppetry and CGI filmed on location and in a studio to share the message, "Be Together, Not The Same". Directed by Connor Finnegan (Becca's Bunch, Fear of Flying) I was the puppeteer for Rock as well as background scissors and bullying papers. Creating an emotional performance from a rock that could then have a facial expression overlaid was a real challenge but a rewarding one. The commercial premiered during the 2016 Oscars ceremony to great acclaim.

Watch the ad HERE



'Friends' Idents

Now Advertising

In this short ad campaign trailing Friends on Comedy Central, sponsors New York Bakery Co wanted to have the six main characters portrayed by different styles of bagel eaters. I played Ross, "The Divorcee" who cuts his bagel in half, regrets it and tries to reassemble it messily and unsuccessfully. To show a variety of emotions and changes in a humorous and light-hearted way over only 30 seconds using just my hands was a big challenge and one I really enjoyed. 

Watch the ad HERE

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