I have worked as Movement and Puppetry Director for many companies and organisations. I love working collaboratively with a director to tell a story physically in a way that serves their vision and brings out the best in a cast. I believe that puppetry and movement should combine perfectly to complement and elevate each other and that puppets can serve many purposes from practical to beautiful to completely heartbreaking. 


Directed by Kate Hewitt

Southwark Playhouse 2017

Kiki's Delivery Service

I came aboard as the Movement and Puppetry Director for the revival of Kiki's Delivery Service a year on from its premiere. Working closely with Kate I reworked many scenes including adding new choreography, clarifying puppetry moments and introducing a new actress to the role of Kiki and aerial wire work! Reviews were very positive including:

"The movement and puppet director also deserves a mention here, as the results of his work are superb." - The Spy in the Stalls ✩✩✩✩✩

"A 90-minute celebration of the inventive and imaginative possibilities of live theatre" - The Evening Standard ✩✩✩✩

"Kiki flies in all sorts of different ways, sometimes with the help of her fellow actors; it’s a charming and practical decision that maintains the pace of the storytelling." - Exeunt Magazine


Directed by Emily Jenkins

Vault Festival 2020


I jumped at the opportunity to work with award-winning director Emily Jenkins (Bobby and Amy - Fringe First winner 2019, Rainbow - Fringe First winner 2012) and award-winning writer Barry McStay (Vespertilio - Vault Festival Show of the Week 2019). This tense drama set partly on Earth and partly in space required ingenious solutions to zero-gravity action which I took great pride in bringing to life. 

"Mikey Brett’s movement is the perfect example of the success of this production’s simplicity- slow sequences of delicate, gravity defying choreography." - A Younger Theatre ✩✩✩✩

"Movement director Mikey Brett manages to make the astronauts look weightless, with adroit use of minimal props and set." - The Spy in the Stalls ✩✩✩✩✩

"As they float in zero-gravity, their balletic choreography (by movement director Mikey Brett) is the refrain that captures this dance." - The Reviews Hub ✩✩✩✩✩


Directed by

Helen Tennison

Creation Theatre 2015


This promenade performance combined storytelling, circus and featured wonderful puppets including the Dormouse. The climax of the show involved incredibly complex puppetry as a miniature puppet Alice drew a sword and fought the Jabberwock! Choreographing a puppet fight scene with actors new to puppetry was a challenge as was creating puppetry moments which would work well outdoors or in the wet-weather contingency venue indoors.

“I heard one little girl in the audience ask if the dormouse (a puppet) was real. They weave a spell over the audience so that it’s easy to get swept up in the moment, and forget the mechanics of what you’re watching.” - Stage Talk ✩✩✩✩


Directed by Tim Baker

Clwyd Theatr Cymru 2011


Working with long-time collaborator Robin Guiver, I worked with director Tim Baker and designer Mark Bailey to bring the animals to life through movement, masks, arm extensions and puppetry. Thanks to the dedicated and hard-working actor-musicians the show was a joy to work on with The Stage remarking: "superb movement work by Mikey Brett and Robin Guiver...Animal Farm proves to still be a relevant and multi-layered satire with a devastatingly chill ending."


Created by Tamzen Moulding

Elusive Theatre 2017


I created a puppet man out of umbrellas for this promenade circus show. Working with circus performers we devised moments for the puppet to interact with the circus acts in inventive, and sometimes destructive ways. Using my past experience as an aerialist and my love for circus performance I worked closely with the director to find successful ways to integrate puppetry into the show in a natural and cohesive way.

An intriguing story of a girl pulled into a black and white circus filled with unusual and mysterious characters it was a great opportunity to connect multiple strands of my work.


Oliver's Island

Advert 2019

Screenshot 2020-10-16 at 17.30.36.png

I was brought in to choreograph an advert for vegan meat substitute Meatless Farm in a campaign for their Meat Free Mince. The brief was for a smooth and flowing action while the camera tracks the food. Working in a very short timeframe I had to coordinate the extras and teach them the camera move whilst also ensuring that the camera team were giving them exactly the same timing every take.

This was a very challenging shoot and I am very pleased with the outcome. Watch the ad HERE.